If you have a blog that specializes in cooking or even a general interest blog that occasionally touches on cooking, you may find it enjoyable to share with your readers some of the recipes that make you holiday season special. From delicious twists on traditional turkey to a wide range of scrumptious deserts, there is virtually no end to the many recipes that will be posted on the internet in the coming weeks. So how do you make your recipe blog posts stand out? 

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A great way to add something extra to your recipe post is by adding photographs to illustrate exactly how to put together your culinary masterpiece. Photographs of the ingredients are a great way to start the blog. This will show all the good stuff that you will be combining to create your delicious delicacy. Seeing the ingredients that will be used will whet your reader's appetite and encourage them to read on!

Each step in the process can be photographed to show what is involved in creating your yummy grub. From the preparation of the ingredients to the mixing and adding of all the parts, photographs will bring your recipe to life and add a bit of flair to your blog post. Your photographs combined with your words will make it seem you are right there with the reader preparing your dish for their upcoming holiday meal.

Of course, the final photographs will need to focus on the finished product of the recipe. These will be the pictures that brings together everything that the blog post has been about. Be sure to include several angles to fully illustrate the dish and, if possible, maybe include a photo of your holiday cuisine on a plate, ready to serve. 

As you can see, while a recipe posted to a blog can be functional, adding photographs to the mix can make it something special. It is that extra ingredient that turns an average dish into an amazing treat. Use photos as the frosting on the cake, making your blog post stand out from the crowd and really grab the attention of your readers. Now your readers will know what to expect with each step as they create your holiday goodies.