Experimenting with cheese is the favorite pastime for the cheese lovers. Most of the cheese lovers prefer a cheese which tastes different than a normal white cheese. To give them more pleasure, the cheese makers try to prepare new types of cheese every time it comes to cheese manufacturing. Cheese has many uses. It can be used as a dish itself or it can also be used as an ingredient in many mouth watering dishes.

Blue cheese a specially manufactured cheese for the tangy cheese lovers
Things that make creamy blue cheese possible
Try Blue Cheese, a tangy cheese for a change
Varieties of available Cheese types
Blue Cheese is one of the most favorite cheese types. This is a general cow, sheep or goat milk cheese which is given a distinct taste and color by using mold Penicilium. Flavor of blue cheese is salty and sharp. This cheese differs in odor than a normal white cheese. This typical odor is created mainly because of the presence of some useful bacteria in the cheese. This type of cheese should be stored in a cold place. These cheeses are also rich in nutrients and give us energy.

Blue cheese is generally manufactured in a particular way. The process is quite sophisticated and the ingredients needed are curds of any soft homemade cheeses also known as ‘Farmers cheese', slat nearly two teaspoons, cool water, a pan containing warm water and a certain amount of uncontaminated ‘saga blue cheese'. The most important ingredient that is the curd of any homemade cheese is mainly prepared by extracting two gallons of milk keeping it in the refrigerator. The first step is to mix the salt with the cold drained curd so, that it forms minute particles. The next step is the preparation of a mixture with the pure blue cheese using cool water. This smooth mixture then should be poured above the drained curd and it is tossed and blended carefully. This entire preparation should then be kept in the press for one whole night. The next day is the most crucial day as the preparation needs to be brought out and minute wholes needs to be made in the entire surface of the drained curd using an uncontaminated rod. The color of the blue cheese is visible through these holes.

Blue cheese tastes best when coupled with the sound wine. However, new experiments are also done by many foodies with blue cheese. In most of the innovative dishes blue cheese is used as a gravy or dip. Roasted Portbello mushrooms taste good with blue cheese. Making blue cheese dip is the easiest recipe. It is mainly prepared by mixing mayonnaise, green onions, dried parsley, sour cream, garlic salt and blue cheese in a medium size bowl. It should be chilled in the refrigerator until serving. Pork chops can also be served hot with blue cheese gravy. Another tempting dish to set the party on fire is cole slaw made with blue cheese. A blue cheese suits best when paired with a red dessert wine like Domini Veneti Recioto della Valpolicella Classico 2000. It is also consumed with grapes, honey comb and cherry compote.