Fried rice is one of those lovely comforting foods that everyone in the world seems to like — no one is intimidated by fried rice. Somehow all these rogue ingredients have crept into restaurant versions over the years, such as corn, peas, ham and the like.

Egg Fried Rice recipe is a quick and easy meal, this recipe for Egg Fried rice tastes just like they make it in your corner Chinese take away but at a fraction of the cost! This fried rice dish will become a favorite side dish and with the addition of chicken, beef, or other meats, it can become a main course. Adding shrimp, pork or beef and vegetables to leftover rice makes Chinese fried rice a quick and easy recipe everyone will love. The fried rice is an easy cooking and very tasty food. That Vegetable fried rice is a more popular in NewYork city peoples.

Rice is one of the most versatile foodstuffs in the world. And it’s simple and delicious too. Have a look at Video Jug’s quick and easy rice recipes to find out how to prepare fantastic, fluffy white rice, a great creamy risotto, perfect egg-fried rice and a delicious herb-flecked wild rice salad. Rice recipes have never been so straightforward. The many rice recipe variations, fried rice was and is still very popular. The possible fried rice recipe variations are infinite depending on the quantity of the added ingredients.

There are several methods of making Fried Rice. This is the easiest because it uses rice that is already cooked. Fried rice can be used as an accompaniment to meat or Chinese-style dishes. It can be made into a main meal by adding a variety of other ingredients. Please purchase online in NewYork city.