The 495 baht smorgasbord buffet that’s served every Saturday and Sunday at the Stable Lodge on Soi 8 from noon to 3 PM is a good example of a less is more offering that is also highly focused.
There’s less selection than many buffets in the area have but there’s more quality here. There’s a representative sampling of Danish delicacies and nothing more. Everything on the buffet table in the quaint, cozy dining room here is authentic Danish food. There’s even a real Danish drink, aquavit, to go along with food items which consist mainly of meat, fish and cheese. There’s also some very good potato salad which rounds out the Danish list of staple ingredients (even the  aquavit is made from potatoes).
The smoked salmon to the left, hard-boiled eggs with shrimp below and the liver pate with bacon on the lower right are complemented by other herring treats, meat dishes, meatballs and several varieties of cheese and crackers to finish the meal. Considering the quality of the food here 495 baht is not a lot to pay to sample some true Danish cuisine.
Stable Lodge, Soi 8, 02-653-0017