More and more people started to pay much more attention to what they eat and try to have a healthier lifestyle. This involves changing all aspects of today's life, from introducing sport as a daily activity to a healthier nutrition, in other words more fruits and vegetables and less fast food. 

To draw a parallel between fast food and fast recipes done in 5 minutes with natural ingredients, the balance heavily hangs in favor of the second option due to its benefic effects over the human body. For instance, let's take a wild salmon stake, easy to make, being a take 5 recipe, tasteful, and, at the same time, rich in fibers, proteins, vitamins C and A and an important source of iron. Taste and health in one fast recipe, this can only lead to living a more qualitative life and taking more care about your own person. 

Wild salmon, as well as tuna or other seafood, contribute to increasing your energy level during the day, but keeping your body in a good shape at the same time, due to it�s low amount of calories and high amount of nutritious ingredients. Furthermore, low fat salmon meat has positive effects over the aspect of your skin and the human body as a whole, wild and farmed salmon equally. Despite the fact that wild salmon is considered superior to farmer salmon, nutrition specialists recommend a balanced consumption from both types of it. 

Being realistic and thinking that you probably won't be fishing for the wild salmon that you want to include in your new healthy diet, the best option would be canned wild salmon that can easily be found in any supermarket or even in online food stores. Besides the salmon which is the main ingredient for a 5 minutes recipe you will need 4 more ingredients that will result into a tasteful mixture. The other ingredients are not supposed to be the same each time you want to cook a salmon steak as there are many available recipes on the Internet that can surprise your senses such as offers you a wide range of quick recipes that only need 5 ingredients and a few minutes to be done. The dishes look mouthwatering and their specific are from different parts of the world, from Chinese cuisine to the Mexican one you can find something to satisfy all tastes.

Additionally, these fast recipes could be a good idea for an unexpected visit from your family or friends, when you don't have time to cook something too elaborated. Before they ring the doorbell you will be ready to surprise them with your cooking talents by making up different mixes of salmon and vegetables, tuna and pastas, or whatever combination crosses your mind. By experiencing more combinations, you can discover great tastes that you couldn't even think they exist. So, what are you waiting for? Go shop from some tuna and salmon cans and get creative, let your imagination be your guide and then delight yourself with your work of art.