Chances are that when you are making a Crockpot beef stew that you are already pressed for time. You want to be able to create the perfect meal for your family, but you do not want to take too much time making this dish. Instead, you just want to toss it together and move on to the next thing on your list of chores.

One of the best ways to begin making your Crockpot beef stew is to line up all the different items you are going to be putting in it. This includes your carrots, potatoes and any other item you are going to be placing inside of it. If you have a food processor, turn it on to the chop setting. This will help you to cut down these items without turning them into mush. Take a moment to get these items down to 1 inch cubes and you will be able to quickly serve this deal meal to anyone who you might think will enjoy it. Best of all, it will have taken almost no time at all on your part.

If you would prefer, you can find bags of frozen stew vegetables in the frozen aisle of the grocery store. These items are perfectly chopped and designed to allow you to simply dump the contents into your slow cooker and let you get to your Crockpot beef stew faster than if you had to do this part all by yourself.

Another way you can save some time is using a packet of stew base maker. This usually has bullion, cornstarch, and other items in it. When you do this, your water begins to fill with flavor and you can cut back down on the process of making this part of the foundation to serve to your family. You may however want to check several different choices as the salt content and flavors will vary from one packet to the next.

You can also choose to purchase cubed stew meat as well. In the grocery store, you will find perfectly cut meat ready to go into your Crockpot beef stew. All you have to do in some cases is lightly brown it first, depending on the recipe. When this is done, you have a delicious meal you can offer to your friends and family and it will taste amazing without any extra work being done.

Remember there is no right or wrong way to make this meal. Just take your time and think about the different flavors you want to have in this dish. The find the simplest method to getting the process done and enjoy the meal you have created quickly with your family.

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