This recipe is Canadian dish, but you also find it around the other countries. It is a way of pleasure when you will make it on special occasions. Very delicious dish for lunch and dinner that really will make your meal time desirable, you will go mad and want cook it in everyday meal. Delicious dish and can prepared in very short time because chicken take not much time in cooking.

Ingredients for this dish 

For preparing Scrumptious Rosemary Roasted Turkey you may add fresh rosemary and the basic ingredient is chicken, you may use black pepper, olive oil and garlic. More can use for make it tastier but remember always use ingredient in a proper quantity otherwise it can make tasteless recipe. If don't have any idea about more ingredients and for recipe, you may visit food network.

How is it better for health?

Every food is very essential for good health, as each ingredient contain different health nutrient. Chicken is a main part of daily diet and chicken is in any form in soup or salad or in other recipe great for health. Chicken is one of the most common poultry that has been used in the world and rightly so due to its health benefits. Chicken is better due to some reason as


Big Source of protein

Rosemary Roasted Turkey recipe is a great source of protein, not simple protein also rich in lean proteins. This is extremely important for growth and healthy body. It is also better for strong muscles and is also big source if you want muscle build up.

Helpful in Bone Health

This dish in consists of chicken and chicken is rich in phosphorus and calcium that are very helpful in bones health, good meal source for men. This dish is having many health benefits that are very badly need for healthy body and especially very important growing children. Must try it and get the benefits and taste

Defend from cancer

This dish contains Vitamin B3 that is very helpful against cancer, on chicken piece can fulfill your niacin requirements for the whole day, chicken provides selenium that is also a big source to be protect from cancer. You may enjoy more simple recipes and can get all the benefits.

Boosts Energy

This dish is consists on chicken and Vitamin B6 keeps you energetic because metabolism-burning calories can contain a healthy weight level. If you are feeling lazy then provide your body protein and calories by eating this recipe it will maintain your energy levels increasing.