Savor delicious and scrumptious tea sandwiches for family and friends on Valentine's Day. These yummy tea sandwiches are easy and simple to prepare, and they make excellent appetizer or snack between meals. Try some of these easy to follow recipes and suggestions to make some unbelievable  tea sandwiches  for Valentine's Day treats.

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To start you will need to decide what kind of bread you want to use. For instance, rye and pumpernickel are spectacular for sandwiches, and they also add an unequalled flavor. You can also try mini loaves for small, hand-held sized sandwiches. A lot of bakers sell thinner versions of white and wheat bread that are especially made for tea sandwiches.

After you have decided on the bread you want to use, it is time to look at the filling for your sandwich. Egg salad is one of the most popular picks, tuna fish salad is another good option. But if you want to do something a little bolder. For instance, how about goat cheese and watercress tea sandwiches? Use a combining of fresh goat cheese, watercress leaves, butter, and pecans on cinnamon raisin or whole wheat bread, it is healthy for you and pleasant-tasting, too. 

For something a little more unusual try a cucumber mint tea sandwich with a light flavor. Use thinly sliced wheat bread, combine melted butter and fresh mint leaves and spread them on, then add thinly sliced cucumbers to the sandwich. Slice, chill and serve for a refreshfully different tea sandwich. 

Another good pick is the mouth-watering asparagus and prosciutto ham tea sandwich. For people who bask on meat, you can also try out chicken pate or smoke-cured salmon. Mix different flavors and textures produces a genuinely fascinating snacking experience.

For vegetarians, try the herbed Vidalia onion tea sandwich. They are easy to prepare and quite appetizing. Blend 1/3 cup mayonnaise, 1/4 cup of fresh parsley, minced tarragon leaves, and lemon juice. If you like, you can as well add together a splatter of hot sauce for an extra kick. Spread the mayonnaise combination on the thinly sliced white bread (you can opt to toast it if you like). Slice the Vidalia onions rather thin, and then layer them onto the sandwich. It will sure to please the non-meat eaters, and will make a pleasant-tasting Valentine's Day snack.