If you are dieting, it is not a reason you should not enjoy in perfectly tasty and opulent meals you can cook from all the stuff you can eat . From veggies to all types of meat, combine excellent seasoning and various spices such as onion, garlic, mint, pepper, parsley and chili. Slow carb recipes will allow you to enjoy every meal and fill truly fed. You can combine your food any way you like and never feel hungry .

Slow Carb Diet Has its Way to Success
You may want to make dinner snacks for your friends, but you do not want to ruin your day by eating something which you should not . It is not a problem to combine a truly perfect meal . Try to find bread crumbs but of whole grains only and mix it with grind turkey meat and egg whites. Put it all in a large bowl and stir for even mass. Add parsley, garlic and pepper .

A bit of salt in the mixture won't harm you although garlic and pepper are perfectly suitable to add extra flavor. From a dozen of meat cakes and bake sprinkled with olive oil in your oven . Use medium temperature until meat turns golden and serve with cooked beans, green or kidney, with tomatoes aside. You will see your guests will be satisfied .

Most users of this diet found how asparagus can be prepared as excellent side dish. It only takes a few minutes to boil them and roll into parmesan crumbs cheese while they are still warm. They will taste delicious with any of the tomato sauces you have, preferably with no sugar on the label . Sauce will even taste better with some more oregano and garlic.

Sandwiches without bread are quite a stuffy meal made of meat. Use either thin chicken or turkey breasts, but you can also use grass fed beef or veal . Sprinkle the meat with favorite type of pepper, garlic powder and a bit of olive oil and let rest in the fridge . Slice the zucchini pumpkins and tomato into small pieces . Sprinkle them with olive oil and lay over the meat, roll them and fry in virgin olive oil.

Zucchini is a meal for itself, as well. Slices should be thick and spiced with garlic and pepper, lightly fried on both sides. Once golden in color, put prosciutto slices over them. Fry pre-cooked carrots and onions with adding mushrooms for side dish. Add no water since mushrooms will be juicy enough .

Another great recipe is stuffed tomatoes . Cut of the tomato but leave the top aside . Use small spoon and gently remove the inside, pouring it into a bowl . Add minced white meat, dried mint, and pepper and Tabasco sauce and stir well with meat . Use the stuffing to fill in tomatoes and cover with their tops. Allow half a liter of water for cooking for six persons.

Cook with additional garlic and tomato sauce and decorate with fresh parsley . Use similar meat filling for stuffing wine leaves. Stuff the leaves, roll them and secure with toothpicks, frying them in a pan or baking in the oven. Allow about thirty minutes of cooking and use light sour cream for serving.