This restaurant, known for its great selection of New Zealand seafood, has recently expanded. It doubled in physical size and also added another whole section to the menu, as well as more seafood items. 
The new section is meats from Kiwiland. There are steaks and lamb on the menu now and venison is expected some time too. This adds a whole other dimension to the restaurant and is sure to make it even more popular than it already is.
One thing that’s somewhat unique is that the owner here, Craig Mclean, is in this business because of food, not money. Sure he wants the place to be profitable but I suspect sometimes that it’s because he wants the place to stay open so he can keep eating here. And he’s smart to want to keep eating here too because the food is really quite good and comes at a relatively modest price.
We’ve dined here on many occasions and always had a good experience. A recent visit, for example, included trying some of the new menu items like the Oysters Kilpatrick and the ribeye steak (pictured below). The ribeye is big at 300 grams and it’s priced at only 680 baht. And the dish pictured at the left was especially satisfying, a very well-priced (380 baht) piece of orange roughy with a seductive lemon butter sauce.
Another interesting thing about this restaurant is the fact that Craig and his crew make all of the condiments and desserts themselves. Try the ketchup, for example, or the mayonnaise. You can really taste the difference between them and the mass-produced varieties so many other restaurants use. It’s tough to beat this place when it comes to authentic flavors and it just got better by getting bigger.
Snapper New Zealand, Soi 11, 02-651-1098