Most food and beverage establishments work hard to establish themselves as one type of place or another but at Mulligan’s, on Soi  11, they seem to be trying to juggle three different personas at once. They were in our sports bar article in our last issue when we listed Sukhumvit’s sports bars but this month they’re in the dining section of the magazine because we’re writing about their menu.
And the food on this menu runs a wide gamut from pub food to Thai food and even a brunch menu (see the eggs benedict below). And, there are also a number of dishes you’d find in a fine dining restaurant which is quite a bit more ambitious than your average sports bar.
On a recent visit we tried one of those dishes, a nice piece of sauteed salmon that was perfectly cooked and had a nice little seared crust on it. It was also a good-sized portion making it a pretty good value at 420 baht. We also sampled the calamari and were rewarded with browned and crunchy squid rings that were  well cooked and very tasty. 
On previous visits we tried the Penne Champignon which combined mushrooms and sauce and made for a good dish along with a Caesar salad that contained real romaine lettuce and some good parmesan cheese. We also tasted what were some of the best, if not the best, quesadillas we’ve ever had (see right). They had spicy chicken inside along with an abundance of cheese and were just delicious. Just make sure you’ve got some friends with you because it’s a big, filling portion.
You can even get some top-quality meat here as they’re serving a grilled filet and also a ribeye. If you’re in the mood for something a little lighter there are numerous options, from pub classics like bangers and mash to shepherd’s pie and fish and chips.
And don’t forget the burgers. There are a bunch of them, including the Leprechaun burger which looks like  a great value at 195 baht. Whatever persona this place has, it’s also got food that’s worth showing up for.
Mulligan’s Pub, Soi, 11, 02-255-5025