Stash doesn’t really remind us of anything we’ve ever seen before but then it doesn’t seem to be totally unique either. It seems like there are elements of this quirky little bar/bistro that are familiar but then again maybe not. It’s even located in a quirky location — the private little subsoi behind Cheap Charlies on soi 11. 
There’s something about this place that engages your interest and part of that attraction is the food that’s served here. We’ve eaten here on several occasions and always been pleasantly surprised by the dishes we picked. The menu is all over the place as far as cuisine goes with American-style ribs coexisting with a duck leg confit, beef tartare, spaghetti carbonara and a chicken/mango/cheese dish among a number of others. It seems like it’s just someone’s eclectic mix of favorite foods being thrown together on a menu.
But it’s funny because it seems to work just fine. The duck leg (see photo lower right) is very tasty, for example, and costs just 200 baht. Part of the reason for that is that it’s not a huge amount of food which helps to keep the cost down. Same for the ribs (left) at 220 baht. It’s not a huge portion but seems just right.
It’s just the right amount for a menu like this and a place like this where you might not come for a full-on meal but want something tasty and light to eat while you concentrate on more important things like drinking.
While you enjoy something from the food menu, and after, you can also choose from a good selection of low-priced drinks. Local beers are  only 80 baht and you can get drinks like Jagermeister for 110 baht and Skyy and Absolut vodkas for 130 along with Jack Daniels and even Bombay Sapphire gin. These are really good prices compared to most other bars in Sukhumvit.
So whether you come here for low prices or just right food you should check out this quirky little place that has its own beat. 
Stash, Soi 11, 02-651-3704