When you hear the phrase Steak and Eggs, what do you usually think of? You probably think a big, greasy meal of meat and eggs. Well it doesn’t have to be that way. Steak and Eggs can be a healthy start to your day when the right ingredients are used, and given that they are cooked correctly. Upon examining nutritional facts for Steak and Eggs meals of different origins, you may find a great range in the amounts of different nutrients in the meal. Some restaurants might serve a meal that can touch on as much as 1,000 calories per serving. Other restaurants however can serve lean sirloin steaks and two small eggs that won’t go much over 300 calories or so. It all depends on the quality of the ingredients, and quantity thereof. Though most people think of the meal when they hear Steak and Eggs, some people think of Steak and Eggs as a song sung by Phineas & Barnaby to Peter Griffin in the Quahog gym, in the episode "Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey". Actually, there’s an entire website dedicated to that at Steak and Eggs. This excerpt from Family Guy became a “meme”, as it were. It became a greeting among some people, instead of saying “Hello”, the phrase ”Steak and Eggs!” is exclaimed. It is a given that the people who use the phrase are usually very hardcore and tough, because only the strongest and the elite take Steak and Eggs every day. After all, Phineas’ & Barnaby’s monstrous physiques indicate that they mess around. Having spoken about the great authority behind Steak and Eggs, both as a social concept and food, it is important to know how to properly cook the meal, without turning it into a big mess. The people who consciously cook and consume Steak and Eggs are very minimalistic when it comes to preparing it. Anyone who spends more than 15 minutes cooking it will have done it wrong and does not deserve to eat it. Getting brawny will no longer be a possibility either. Breakfast steaks are often thin, and therefore require not much more than 5 minutes on a pan. Eggs need just about the same amount of time. Although a pair of eggs will cook quicker if the yolks are broken upon exposure, they will cook for 5 minutes without burning if the yolks remain intact. Preheating a pan gives you a head start on making the meal, as well as lightly searing the steak to keep in all the huge juices. Because of the identical cooking times, a sufficiently large pan can be utilized to cook both the Steak and Eggs simultaneously. Steak should be eaten medium-rare to rare and no other way. If you are afraid of it being raw, move right along. It was never meant to be dry. The more something is heated, the more vitamins and nutrients are killed. With any luck you’ve learned something about Steak and Eggs and will think of the sophisticated and masculine history behind it next time it’s mentioned.