most popular types of steaks will enable you to get the best value for your dollar. Most Americans eat an average of 65 pounds of beef annually, most of that consumption in the form of steaks served sizzling hot off the grill.

A steak is a style of meat that offers a more tender consistency than other cuts because of the way that the steak is cut against the grain of the meat fibers. New York strip steaks, Beef Ribeye steak and Porterhouse steaks are among the most popular cuts of steak meat purchased at restaurants or for home consumption.

New York strip steaks, also called a strip loin or Kansas City strip steak, is a favorite with steak lovers because of its very tender consistency. This steak cut is taken from the short loin of the cow. This style of steak tends to be among the most expensive but really delivers in terms of tenderness, taste and quality.
The Beef Ribeye steak, also known as the Scotch Filet, is a cut taken from the beef rib. Its characteristics include tenderness and juiciness, thanks to its having a higher fat content than many other steak cuts. Because it is a fattier cut of meat, the Beef Ribeye steak also tends to be more flavorful, making it one of top choices among restaurant goers.

Porterhouse steaks are perfect for those who want a large steak on their plate. This type of steak cut comes from the thick end of the short loin, that part of the animal also containing the T-bone and the tenderloin. Porterhouse steaks have always been synonymous with quality and tend to be among the most expensive steak cuts.

No matter what steak cut proves to be your favorite; there are several key ways to tell that a cut of meat is a quality steak. Look for meat that is graded prime or top of the line, when it comes to flavor, tenderness and marbling. Choose a thick steak that is evenly cut over a thin steak. For juiciness and flavor, the steak should have some fat or interior marbling, flecks of fat throughout that meat that add to the flavor.  In the end, regardless of what cut you decide on, a good steak meal always satisfies!

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