If you're asked to define Kobe beef in two words, they're likely closer to "tender" and "steep."A kilo of this fat-marbled happiness from Japan costs up-wards of $200 in the American market. It's so pricy that you might want to look at hassle-free steak delivery services to bring Kobe beef straight to your house at no extra cost.
What makes Kobe beef (or Wagyu beef, which concerns the cattle) so pricey is the method the animal is raised. While the cattle are now being raised outside Japan, they're native to the southern regions, namely Hyogo Prefecture where the dynamic city of Kobe is located. The life of Wagyu cattle is mostly sedentary, living most of their lives in pens unlike various other livestock and hardly ever getting to stretch their legs outside.

The herd's diet includes much more than just freshly-cut turf as raisers feed them with beer if they lose their hunger to induce it. A bottle of beer can be healthy, so the livestock are fed just one bottle a day so cattle raisers don't run the risk of serving meat with high levels of alcohol. This regimen doesn't influence the taste of the meat, as much of its flavour springs from its marbled fat.

Due to their idle way of life, Wagyu cattle increase fat gradually, resulting in rich concentrations of the healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Chefs remember not to overcook Kobe beef because it might lose its fat and flavor. The meat is likewise tender as a result of the 20-minute massages raisers offer to the herd.

It takes a few years before the livestock is considered prepared to be butchered, which is why supply is fairly uncommon even in Japan. Even with the entire world cashing in on the Wagyu camp, there's still not as much Kobe beef as various other ranges of beef. This is why consuming Kobe beef is an experience of a life-time in itself. If someone invites you for a Wagyu barbecue, do not throw away the possibility.

Fortunately is that some farms in the U.S. now raise Wagyu beef based upon Japanese agricultural methods. You can even get your steaks online if you wish to try this savory meat. Check out the informative short article at JapanGuideBook.com if you desire to know much more about Kobe beef.