Crockpot cooking is such a healthy way to prepare meals. Between the created steam, the direct heat from the pot and the length of the cooking time, the risk of bacteria is decreased. Another healthy point is that when ingredients are added directly to the crockpot rather than being precooked, little or no butter or oil will be used. Also, if you are simply adding ingredients rather than precooking anything, you are going to use very little, if any, oil or butter. Skillets require the use of fat to avoid meat and vegetables sticking, whereas the liquid added to crockpot recipes prevents sticking to the sides and bottom of the crockpot dish.

A slow cooker is perfect for cooking meals when you will be gone for part or most of the day. The best foods are those that cook well when simmering at low temperatures for a long time, such as beans, roasts, and chicken. Less expensive and leaner cuts of meat are particularly good when prepared in a crockpot, because the slow cooking and moisture make them tender and minimize shrinking. Spaghetti sauce, soup, stew, and chili are examples of foods with high moisture contents that turn out perfectly when prepared in a crockpot. As with crockpot white chicken chili, small pieces are needed to be certain the food cooks all the way. Meat should always be defrosted before being put into the crockpot.

Chicken And Crockpot Chili

Do you often attend potluck suppers or buffets? Life is so much easier with a crockpot, a family friendly appliance for more than thirty years. Dips and sauces can be warmed and carried along, or make up some delicious cocktail-sized meatballs for a special treat. Take the crockpot with you to keep them warm, or carry them in the dish.

One of the nicest features of some of the newer crockpots is the WARM setting. When the meal is done, it automatically clicks over to keep things ready to eat. This is a fantastic feature when everyone in the house has a different schedule and you want to keep the meal ready to serve.

Crockpot recipes are often more flavorful and tender than recipes cooked by other methods. A crockpot cooks a meal in its own juices, maximizing flavor. Imagine making beef so tender that it falls apart at the touch of a fork. This is the result of slow cooking in the crockpot and is particularly good when you want to make shredded beef for burritos, tostadas, or chimichangas. If you think you will be cooking quite a few roasts in your crockpot, get one that is oval shaped, perfect for cooking a whole chicken or large cut of beef.

At times you will need to hold some foods back until the cooking is near an end, like zucchini, tomatoes, and mushrooms. They are so tender that they just need a short time to cook, so add them along with the spices about an hour before the rest of the meal will be cooked. That trick will help hold the shape of the vegetables and maintain the flavor of the spices, giving the right touch to a perfect meal.

A lot of authentic crockpot recipes begin with basic foundations that are changed as chefs develop exciting new tastes and selections. If you enjoy a variety of foods and flavors, you might like to see other ideas such as a quick and easy crockpot white chicken chili recipe which combines meat, vegetables and other quality ingredients for amazing results.

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