Restaurants offering some sort of tapas dishes have proliferated in various parts of Bangkok over the years but Tapas Cafe on Soi 11 (located in the small sub-soi behind Cheap Charlies) is the only one we’ve ever tried that gives guests a true tapas experience that originates from Spain.
A recent dinner there was a delightful mix of flavors and textures as we sampled the first truly edible octopus (photo below left) we’ve ever had in our culinary journeys as well as the best meatballs we’ve ever had in Bangkok and that includes dozens and dozens of different meatballs.
We also had an excellent pate of charcuterie (below right) and arroz coldoso, a powerfully flavored rice dish not unlike risotto that contained lobster as well as some bruschetta prawns and tomato garlic bread which was excellent with the charcuterie items.
The octopus was tasty and tender, a first for us, and the meatballs, known as albondigas, were tender also and just moist enough on the inside with a slightly spicy tomato sauce covering them. The chef divulged to us that they were half pork and half beef but other than that we have no idea why they taste so good.
If all of the other items on this menu — and it’s quite large, covering a wide range of ingredients — are as good as the ones we tried then ordering anything here is a good idea. And you can wash everything down with a good selection of excellent Spanish beers that supplement the local list. Also, there are weekly specials to try and a daily menu of low-priced items (3 for 195 baht) that offers even more choices.
For a real taste of Spain it would be hard to beat the flavors that you can experience here at Tapas Cafe on a daily basis.
Tapas Cafe, Soi 11, 02-651-2947