Its a fact that Americans love sandwiches. We eat them to the tune of 200 per person per year . Since sandwiches make up a large part of our diets it only makes sense to eat healthier versions of them. 

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First start with the bread . Get rid of that white processed bread and replace it with whole grain or 100 percent wheat breads . Whole grains have fiber in them which is good for your heart and keeping your insides moving regularly plus fiber joins with extra fat and cholesterol and moves them out of your body without them being digested into your cells. It also fills you up so that you don't feel hungry as soon as you would with white bread which has no fiber. Whole grains are also full of vitamins and minerals that are natural unlike the fake ones that have to be added back in. Try different types of breads also like omega 3 or flaxseed bread or even raisin breads. You don't even have to use breads . You can go for bagels and fajitas  wraps. 

Next the sauces . Use low calorie condiments such as mustard or low calorie dressing to your sandwich . Mayonnaise has 100 calories and 10 calories in one heavy tablespoon. If you have to use mayonnaise then get the light variety. Healthier ones include vinegar and light cream cheeses, and also pickle relish, salsa and horseradish. You can try mixing light cream cheese with dried herbs or fresh ground ones for your own unique taste. The British use chutney on their sandwiches and is available in grocery stores. 

When going for the meat choose the low fat low sodium deli meats that are available. Canned chicken,turkey and ham are also good choices. For fish lovers the different types of tuna are available in many flavors now and then there are the other fishes in cans like salmon and mackerel. Even peanut butter is good for you in smaller amounts . The key is to watch the portions and eat smaller amounts and get the water based tuna not the one in oil.

 Add lots of vegetables as toppings for that extra health boost like tomatoes, mushrooms, and bean sprouts for a different taste. Try grilled veggies for something unique. Black and green olives can be used sparingly but watch for fat content and sodium as these can be high in both. Avoid the cheeses if possible but if you have to have cheese on your sandwich then for the light versions or low fat . 

Sandwiches are a staple of our diet and you will want to include them in your diet plan and with these tips you can eat them and be a lot lighter and leaner.