It's summer, it's warm and it's time to get the grill going. Time to invite the friends over, ice up a cooler of beer and cook some steaks. Nothing to it right? Do you have one of the great T Bone steak recipes? Do you need one. If you've been cooking steaks on the grill, you might know the answer, but for sure there are a few tips you need to follow, even for the most seasoned backyard BBQ king.

Picking the right steak is very important. The T-Bone steak is one of the cornerstones of beef so it's a good choice. Tenderloin, strip and porterhouse steaks are more tender, T-bone falls in the middle, but don't worry, it's good. 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture or the USDA grades beef and the highest quality if prime, that's what you want to go for. Choice is the next best and what is found usually in grocery stores. You might have to call around to find prime, but some good butcher shops and Whole Foods carries that quality of steak. 

To get the tastiest cut of meat look for good marbling, which is tight, evenly spaced, flecks of fat in the meat. Remember, marbling in meat is like the flavor crystals.

When it comes to the actual cooking, I like to keep things simple: salt, pepper and a little olive oil spread on each side of the steak. I think the pure flavor of steak and charcoal is the best, especially if you've got yourself a great T-bone steak.

While I don't think a recipe is really needed to cook steak, it can't hurt to get one and check out some different marinades. So if you want great T Bone steak recipes, check out my information on it at It's got recipes from favorite places like Benihana, Outback Steakhouse, Chili's, Panera and even Pizza Hut. Also, you can sign up for a newsletter with lots of cool stuff including secret restaurant recipes, healthy eating and cooking and weight-loss tips.