Burger joints seem to be popping up all over the place in Chicago. Who can resist a comforting meal of a juicy burger, hot fries, and a cold beverage or smooth shake. I recently visited two quick service businesses to see what all the fuss is about: M Burger and Epic Burger.

M Burger is one of the more recent burger businesses to open. Located in part of Tru's kitchen, M Burger delivers on a tasty fast food experience using quality ingredients. With a short regular menu and a secret menu, there have been many comparisons to In & Out, a West Coast chain with a cult following.

In the brown bag, I ordered the M Burger that has cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and a spicy mayo-based sauce; said sauce could be slightly compared to another burger giant that has served billions & billions... the fries were pipping hot and seasoned well. To round out the lunch, I tried the peach iced tea that wasn't too sweet or too peachy: it was just right. Other M Burger options are a chicken sandwich, a chopped chicken salad, and shakes. For the vegetarian eaters, there is a veggie "burger" of sorts that involves a thick slice of tomato, guacamole, mayo, and pickles.

M Burger's popularity doesn't seem to be losing any steam as the lunch-time lines are strong but the friendly crew keeps folks moving. Keep M Burger on your list of places to visit after power shopping along Michigan Avenue!

South Loop's Epic Burger considers itself to sell a mindful burger and operates by a list of rules. Burgers are made with 100% all natural beef chuck and cooked only upon ordering. Buns are baked by local bakeries, and fries are fresh cut & cooked. Produce, organic eggs, Wisconsin cheeses, and nitrate-free bacon come from producers in the Chicagoland area. With all these rules, does the food actually taste good? Why, yes it does, and has kept feeding my burger craving for well over a year.

On a sunny Friday, I stopped by the restaurant for lunch wanting to try something new, but stuck to my typical order. Epic Burger's menu is slightly larger with combo meals, customized sandwiches, and smoothies. Burgers include the traditional beef or turkey along with a chicken sandwich, portobello mushroom sandwich, and a BLT. Toppings range from a fried egg to bacon to blue, Havarti, or aged cheddar cheeses. White & wheat bread buns are offered as are raw or grilled onions. Fries and soft drinks are add-ons plus create-your-own fruit smoothies.

There is plenty of seating, and with close proximity to the DePaul "super dorm" there is always a crowd of diners. Look for Epic Burger's second location coming soon to the North Avenue & Sheffield neighborhood.

If you are interested in reading more about dining and drinking guides for cities across the US, feel free to visit http://hungrycityblog.com, where you can find where the real people eat and drink. I've already visit their blog site and I found a lot of city dining guides.