The truth is you just can't get enough of burgers. They're delicious. They're juicy. They're meaty. You love burgers. You love good burgers and there's no feeling better than when you take a big bite of your favorite burger. Here are some amazing tips to make the best beef burger:

1. Fresh Meat

The first thing to make sure you get the juiciest burger is to get fresh meat with a good fat percentage. Fresh meat means you get a burger that is juicy and bursting with flavor.

2. Keep the patty damp

When you're making the burger patty, use wet hands to make sure it's damp to get the right round shaped patty. It also helps the meat to stick together.

3. Refrigerate before you put it on the grill

When you've made the round patties, lay them out on a tray and refrigerate for 15-20 minutes. This allows the patties to set. This helps retain the fat in the patties and the meat sticks together too.

4. Keep the temperature of the grill consistent

Before you start cooking, make sure the grill is hot. If it's not hot enough, your patty won't grill well and won't be as succulent as it should be. Maintain the temperature of the grill to make sure all the patties retain the same level of flavor and juiciness.

5. Don't press the patty

Once you've put the patty on the grill, don't press it down. This is a strict no-no. Pressing down the patty with a spatula can spoil the texture and flavor of the burger patty.

6. Turn it only when one side is done

No matter how much you want to turn over the burger after every 10 seconds, refrain from it. This can break the patty and spoil the texture and shape. Let it grill well from one side and once it's done, turn it over to do the other side.

7. Cook it right

The key to make the perfect burger is to cook it just right; neither too much nor too less. Over cooked burger can make the patty tough and dry. If the patty is undercooked, it can be hard and pink; hard to chew.

Following these tips can get you the best beef burger on your plate. However, occasionally, when you're too lazy to do all the effort to make it on your own, you can always order in from a burger loop. Many burger loops offer an amazing variety of burgers, gyros and hot dogs that are the best in quality and flavor. Since many offer home delivery and takeout options, you can always enjoy your burger in the comforts of your home.

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