Seems like such a simple thing, a salad a day and yet this can be a very transformational lifestyle change.  There are many ways in which eating a salad a day can transform your life.

To begin with a salad is filled with veggies like carrots, beets, etc and no matter which ones you choose to enjoy in your salad you'll find that this is an incredible way to give your fruit and veggie count a large boost.  Most people do not consume enough fruits and vegetables each day and a salad can contain as many as 5 -10 vegetables which can really help play a role in better health.

As part of your better overall health a salad can also help lower your chances of getting cancer.  Since many wonderful vegetables contain antioxidants a salad a day can considerably help to reduce your chances of getting this life threatening illness.

Weight loss is another fantastic benefit of eating a salad a day.  Did you know that those who eat a salad a day find that they are hungry less frequently? For the most part this is most likely due to the high fiber nature of a salad.  Higher fiber foods not only help to improve the function of your digestive tract which can help to bring down your weight but can also help to increase your metabolism while providing you with a natural colon cleanse.  Since most people don’t have enough fiber in their diets a salad a day can really be of substantial help to your elimination process as well. 

Salads are by nature very low calorie which makes it possible for you to fill up your plate with a ton of healthy foods and overindulge.  Of course it is best to eat a low calorie dressing and only use it in moderation.  Fat free dressings, while they might seem like a healthier alternative, actually block some of the health benefits of eating that salad you are better off selecting a dressing which contains at least some fat for maximum health benefits.

If you're considering making some healthy lifestyle changes and are not really sure where and how to begin try eating a salad for lunch each day.  You will find that doing so affords you the ability to get healthier and also allows you a tremendous number of choices for a variety that you will be happy with and an opportunity to eat out at practically any restaurant.  A salad a day may just beat out the apple as a way to keep the doctor away.