Grilling is not that different from broiling. Both cooking processes use direct heat. In grilling, however, the source of the heat is from underneath the meat. In broiling, the heat comes from above. 
Grilling is a great choice for cooking very tender beef cuts, and also chicken, fish or even vegetables. It is important when you are grilling that that the meat is not overly thick. Then you get a piece of meat burned out the outside and undercooked on the inside. 

This is thought to be a very healthy way to cook, because a lot of your meat fat drips down into the grill. You do need to be on the lookout for sudden flare ups that can burn your meat and give it an unpleasant, acrid taste. 

Types of Grills

Charcoal grills were once the standard, but are becoming less with the advent of their gas cousins. There is nothing wrong with using charcoal of course. If you do, see if you can find real lumps of charcoal without any additives. This is better than the common self-starting charcoal because it often gives your food an odd, chemical flavor. Also, make sure that you use plenty of charcoal. One of the most frequent grilling errors is to use too little when you start. If you add it later, your meat will not properly sear, which makes your meat dry as the juices leak out. 

A gas grill is advantageous because it is very easy to maintain the temperature, and clean up is a lot easier. You also can add chunks of hickory or mesquite wood (soaked in water first) to give your meat a smoky taste. 

Keep the Grill Clean

Always start with your grill nice and clean. You do not want your salmon steaks to taste like chicken breasts, right? To keep your grill clean, you need to scrub it down with a brush made of wire as soon as you are done cooking. Do not wait until the grill is cold to do your cleaning. It is easier to clean off the grill when everything is still hot. 

Also, before you heat your grill for the next meal, wipe the grate with some vegetable or olive oil. This seems to prevent sticking better than most sprays, in our experience. This is a very critical step if the sauce for your meat contains any sugar. 

Keep It Hot

You want your grill to be hot for 15 minutes before you begin your cooking. It is very common for people with a gas grill to wait to start it until right before grilling. You should not do this. You want your grill to be at its full operating temperature as soon as you slap those steaks down. This ensures that your meat is properly seared and cooked. It is a good idea to have all of your cooking spices, sauces and utensils right next to you when you begin. We also like to have a water bottle handy to deal with any flare-ups. 

Cooking Tips

Grilling time totally depends on the type of meat and your grill. As a general guide, we like to cook a New York strip steak for about 10 minutes, assuming it's about 1.5 inches thick. The best way is to grill it for 2.5 minutes on one side, turn it ninety degrees, and then cook it for another 2.5 minutes. Then flip it. Turning the steak gives it those great-looking grill marks. We also probe the meat with a finger to check its condition. If it feels sort of like your cheek, it is cooked about medium. If you invest in a meat thermometer, 135 is medium rare, and 135 degrees is medium.

Written by Lawrence Reaves for, a low-cost kitchen appliances company, providing of non-stick irons and cool-touch toasters.

Written by Lawrence Reaves for, a low-cost kitchen appliances company, providing of non-stick irons and cool-touch toasters.