The paleo diet is an eating plan that will restore your body to the healthy state intended by mother nature, and keep your weight at a healthy level as well. It is predicated on the assertion that by getting back to basics and eating the way our paleolithic ancestors did, we won't be subjecting our bodies to all the chemicals and preservatives in modern foods. It restricts our diet to one similar to the way the cavemen ate. This means eating foods that can be fished out of the river, hunted in the woods, or gathered. Of course, most people don't hunt for their meat these days, so buying lean meat at the grocery store will be fine,preferably meat obtained from grass fed cows. If you buy fish, make sure it's wild and not farm raised. Get you eggs from free range organic chickens.

Paleo recipes may also contain nuts, fruits, and vegetables, as long as they're fresh and not canned. Foods to avoid on a paleo eating plan are grains and legumes, most dairy products, refined salt and sugar, white flour, and alcoholic drinks.

Paleo meatloaf is made pretty much like regular meatloaf, with a couple of ingredient substitutions. Meatloaf is one of those foods that almost everybody loves (unless you're a vegetarian,in which case there are even recipes for that).

Meatloaf is also just as good the second time around as leftovers. The only differences in this recipe is the beef should be organic and grass fed. More and more stores now are beginning to carry organic foods, including beef. Another necessary ingredient for a good meat loaf are bread crumbs, but of course bread(or its' crumbs) are not allowed in a paleo diet, so we must come up with a substitute if this is to be an authentic paleo meatloaf. For this you could take some oatmeal and grind it in a food processor until it mimics the consistency of bread crumbs. The only other change from a regular meat loaf would be in the type of catsup used. A paleo eating plan cannot include regular store bought catsup because of the high fructose corn syrup and preservatives. So I will include a simple recipe for a concoction that will pass as home-made catsup.

The recipe for a darn good paleo meatloaf is as follows:

- 2 lbs. lean ground beef 
- 2 eggs 
- 1 teaspoon of sea salt 
- 1 stalk celery 
- 1 medium sized bell pepper, chopped 
- 1 medium sized onion, chopped 
- 1 teaspoon black pepper 
- 2/3 cup ground oatmeal(a substitute for bread crumbs) 
- 1 teaspoon of thyme 
- 1 teaspoon of garlic 
- 1/2 cup catsup

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl, but use only half the catsup at this point. Lightly grease a meatloaf pan, place meatloaf in the pan, and spread the remaining catsup over the top. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Bake for about 30 minutes.

Make your own catsup as follows: 
- combine 1 six ounce can of organic tomato paste with 2 Tbsp of vinegar, 1/4 cup water, 1/2 tsp each of sea salt, ground cloves, and allspice. This will make a good homemade catsup. 
- Now you will have some good paleo eating.

So now that you can see how good paleo eating can be, go to the link below for many more great paleo recipes.