In 2011 the best steak knives rely mainly on three things. Price, sharpness, and design. Sharpness is pretty much a given now-a-days as long as you know who you are buying from. The more you spend, the better the blade, and hopefully the longer it will last you. Some of the best steak knives are the ones that cost the least. In college having cheap, good knives was very important. Anything could happen to knives are at college, so you have to buy what fits your life style.

No matter what price range you are looking for Amazon has you covered. There are plenty of style and brands to choose from. Here are a couple of my favorites and a couple reviewer favorites. Good luck and I hope you find the best steak knife set for you!

Wusthof Classic 6-Piece Steak Knife Set
Amazon Price: Too low to display
List Price: $420.00
The best steak knife

If you want some great knives then look no further. Amazon has you covered. This Wustoff Steak Knife set is one of the many nice sets Amazon has to offer. The best steak knife set is can be different for anyone. Some people don't care about looks and want performance, some just want the best. Here are some of the best steak knives in their particular priced range.

Shun Ken Onion 4-Piece Steak Knife Set
Amazon Price: $385.00
List Price: $700.00
Shun Ken Steak knife set

This Shun Ken Steak knife set are some of my favorite knives. These almost look like a ninja should have them. Their design and quality are why they are the most pricey, but it is also why they are some of the best steak knives. If you want to splurge a little, maybe you should go ahead and try these ones out. If you like how they look, you will like how they cut even better. Another top pick of mine. Check out the specs inside.

Mundial Future 8-Piece 5-Inch Steak Knife Set in Presentation Box
Amazon Price: $318.00
Mundial Future Steak Knife Set

Here are some great looking and inexpensive steak knives. These are some of my favorite steak knives as my uncle has them. And boy do I like these ones. These are the best steak knives for their price in my opinion. I am sure there are some other great ones out there, but I can say that I have seen these in action and they do everything I ask of them.

Victorinox 48792 Cutlery 6-Piece Steak Knife Set
Amazon Price: $26.51
List Price: $45.70
Cheap Steak Knife set

Here is a cheap steak knife set. They are very affordable and are great for any kitchen. They will cut through any meat that you want to eat, and it cuts it clean and fast. If you aren't about elegance and design and want some knives that should last quite a while, these are not a bad buy at all. Take a good look at these ones on Amazon.

5 star steak knife set!

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Gourmet 8-Piece Steak Knife Set with Box
Amazon Price: Too low to display
List Price: $115.00
Gourmet steak knife set

Here is the Zwelling J.J Henckels Twin Gourmet Steak knife set. It is a very great det for the price. Expect them to cut through nearly anything and to perform as a knife of it's price should. Although it does not compare the the elegance and design of the above knives, they still are one of the best steak knives out there. For this price you can't beat it, not to mention you know what you are getting, because there are plenty of reviews on it.
Many great ratings
4 1/2 stars!