Hideaway spots are not in abundance in Sukhumvit but one that bears some exploring is The Eugenia, a very small (12 rooms) boutique hotel on Soi 31 that really does deserve that rather over-used adjective boutique. Probably nine out of ten hotels that call themselves boutique are nothing of the kind but The Eugenia is truly a unique and eclectic property which is what the term boutique really means. 
The hotel has an old world colonial style charm which was created only several years ago, however you’d swear you were standing in a building that was constructed in the 1920s. The attention to detail is superb and you really feel like you are stepping back in time when you walk through the door. The feeling actually starts when you see the vintage Mercedes in the driveway.
The dining area in the hotel is small and intimate and is spread over two areas. A round table in the corner was ours for the night and we recommend that you also choose this as your dining spot.
The ambience here is created by the aged-looking decor and the 60s pop tunes playing on the sound system, loud enough to hear but suitably in the background. The service was attentive and fast, something we’re not used to in Bangkok.
Our food was carefully prepared and presented as you can see from the plates displayed here, the filet mignon with foie gras at the left and the sea bass below. And that was quite a slab of foie gras too, by the way, and delicious as well. We also enjoyed some seared scallops and a soup that was the star of the evening. In fact, we’d go back here just to have this soup again, a creamy  foie gras and miso combination with just the right touch of truffle oil.
Other special items on this menu include a lamb shank that is braised for three days, a roasted snow fish with butternut squash, a classic French onion soup and a 500-day wagyu beef tenderloin in miso broth.
Probably whatever you order from this menu is going to be as carefully prepared and as delicious as the dishes we enjoyed during our visit. And helping to enhance your experience is the overall ambience that takes you back in time, making The Eugenia a spot that is worth finding.
The Eugenia, Soi 31, 02-259-9011