Sukhumvit’s newest sports bar is also one of its newest restaurants and it seems to be quite serious about the food it serves. A recent visit to The Game, on Sukhumvit Road between Sois 9 and 11, illustrated that fact quite clearly as in addition to eating some really good food we also had the opportunity to speak with Chef Andrew and find out how he feels about the food he serves.
Basically, fresh is the mantra at The Game as well as self-made. They try to make everything they can here in-house which is the second restaurant we’ve written about this month that does the same thing. Things like the marinara sauce on the chicken parmesan sandwich and the garlic aioli — which my publisher thinks is the best she’s ever tasted — are examples of the chef’s efforts in this direction. 
Some things can’t be made here, like the imported black sausage for the authentic English breakfast (see photo below) or the bangers, but the sausages for the American breakfast are made on-premise and the aforementioned chicken parmesan sandwich has its tender chicken breast crumbed by the staff and not bought already prepared and frozen.
And everything else seems to also get the same careful treatment which is something that not all restaurants take the time for if they even have the expertise to do it. But Andrew’s early training at the hands of an old Italian chef in his native Boston while still a teenager left him with a good education in how to serve good simple food.
The menu is filled with these types of dishes from a variety of burgers, including the bacon burger which we sampled, to a good selection of breakfast entries including biscuits and gravy, a southern U.S. staple. 
You’ll also find plenty of appetizers like the cheesy potato skins, more sandwiches like the Cajun chicken, the French dip and the Philly cheese steak. Add in some salads, a few pasta dishes and a whole menu page of pizzas and you’ve got a wide variety of choices. Lest we forget, there are also some steaks from Australia and, as you can see in the photo below a good looking plate of authentic New England fish and chips (or maybe it’s British; we can’t tell). If you prefer Thai food there’s also a good selection of dishes as well.
The Game’s serious approach to food is good news for sports lovers who also like to eat well.
The Game, 082-792-7143