There are tones of chili lovers out there, most of them go with fresh cut chili and soy sauce, but majority likes to go with chili sauces. Since with sauce it is much easier to go with many main dishes, add spicy flavor and adding vibrant eye catching red color to the meals which will help to stir up some appetite for you too.

To find easy way out, many of us will grab some different flavors bottled chili sauce from grocery store, even a lot of the products mentioned that they are 100% natural, no extra coloring added or sugar free, but in reality they have some extra ingredients we are not aware of. Some is not that healthy to us if consume frequently.

So there is a better way for this, a homemade chili sauce is a good idea that you can have all the control by you, in controlling what is the hot and spicy level, what is the flavoring like a bit more salty, sour or sweet and you can add in more other spices to spice up your meals too.

Below are some really good ways in preparing your own at home. Please take extra care when making it, as the fresh chili is very hot and once get into eye, you will have a trouble and pain to wash the spicy and burning feeling away. So advise to wear a disposable plastic glove when dealing with any chili based cooking.

Also another tip for you is, all the equipment and ingredients for making chili sauce, it has to be extremely dry, avoid single water drop into the materials, especially into the ready chili sauce. Since the water will spoil the chili sauce fast and does not able to keep for longer period.

Two simple way of making delicious homemade chili sauce:

Type 1: Garlic and Wine based

Some freshly chopped garlic mince, red chili mince with or without seeds (if you like extra spicy, go with the seeds), some salt, some high alcohol level (like 50%-60% level) wine and a clean dry glass bottle. The proportion of chili and garlic goes with your taste.

1. Mix all ingredient except the wine into a blender and blend it well get all ingredients mixed evenly. 
2. Pour in the wine (depends on your taste, if you need more water based sauce, you can add more wine, if you like thicker sauce, then just add some wine for flavoring will do) into the mixture and blend for 3 minutes. 
3. Pour the mixture into a clean glass bottle and top up with 2-3 centimeters of wine. 
4. Tighten up the cover and sealed it carefully and keep in refrigerator for 1 month before serving it.

Type 2: Korean BBQ based

Fresh red chili mince, onion mince, garlic mince, spring onion mince, ginger mince, shrimp paste, flour, a pear and some salt. Also some water.

1. Mix all the spice minced evenly and set aside for later use. 
2. Heat up a pan with some water, put in the flour to stir until thick, add in mixed paste and stir well. After the sauce is boiling, switch off the fire and set aside for cooling down. 
3. Crush the pear into small pieces and add into the chili paste, mix well. 
4. Pour the chili paste into a glass bottle, tighten the cover and seal it. Store for 10 days before serving it.

Enjoy and spice up your world!

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