Do you love meat? Do you love the flame grilled taste of a juicy steak, cooked to perfection? Well if you answered yes to these two questions then you will no doubt be looking to build the perfect braai. In this article I will be going over some of the basics of how to build a braai, so that you can cook those perfect mouth watering juicy steaks . 

Start off by finding the perfect place for your braai. A patio or garden area would be ideal. You need to choose an area of your property which is close enough to the kitchen, with ample space around it. There should be enough ventilation to let the smoke escape. 

If you are planning on building the braai yourself, you can find many DIY sites online which can guide you in building the perfect sized braai for your area. 

Once the braai structure is built it is time for the fun part! All you need to build a braai is: Wood, fire lighter's, and matches. Make sure that the wood has been chopped to the correct size.

The placing of the wood is very important in getting the fire started as well as keeping the temperatures of the coals just right. Place your fire lighter's in the middle of the cement table. Next place to pieces of wood parallel to each other, on either side of the fire lighter's. Once this is done, stack another two pieces of wood parallel to each other at right angles to the initial two pieces. Once a tower of wood is made, three levels high you can light your fire lighter's. Fan the fire with a newspaper to really get the flames going. 

Once the wood has turned to coal, you can place your grill above stacked bricks or iron frame. Now wait for the coals to cool down and place your meat on the grill. Cook steak to perfection by allowing to cook on either side for two minutes a side, pour a drink, call a friend and enjoy! 

Follow these instructions and you too can build the perfect braai!

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