The Royal Oak pub on Soi 33/1 has a long history here in Bangkok. Its website proclaims it to be the oldest pub in Bangkok with a 20-year run at the same location. Of course many years ago this location housed a branch of the Angus Steak House and while it may have been called a steak house it was in reality more of a pub. In fact, the decor and layout have changes since 1996 at least when I first visited.
But while the decor has remained the same the food hasn’t. The steak and pub menu gradually changed over the years but recently there have been more rapid changes as the management have worked towards updating and upgrading the menu. Now The Royal Oak is on the verge of approaching gastropub status. 
But whatever you want to call this establishment it has definitely continued its culinary evolution and a recent visit (along with a number of others over the previous months) gave us a more detailed look at exactly what is now on offer here.
One of the first things we saw was a table tent card with a tapas menu on it that included 11 items all priced at 150 baht. Tapas seem to be getting more and more popular in Sukhumvit and  it’s really part of a trend that started in the U.S. about six years ago. The “small plate” concept became very popular for several reasons, most importantly perhaps, because it gave diners the chance to try more of what a restaurant had to offer.
So seeing tapas here was sort of  a sign that the chef was thinking outside of the box a bit since traditional pubs usually serve large dishes only. Even appetizers are larger than tapas  in most places and that’s certainly the case here, the Caesar to the right being a prime example and at only 210 baht it also represents great value for money.
Another small thing we noticed was the way the Buffalo wings were done. They had a dry rub shaken on to them after frying instead of the traditional hot sauce.  They were cooked just right but the flavor was different and still spicy.
There are many items on this menu, too many to mention here, but the Royal Oak website has the entire breakfast, lunch and inner menus posted (except for the tapas) so you can see everything there.
There’s an interesting take on some dishes here and a real emphasis on value so the 2013 version of this venerable place is definitely worth a visit for a meal at any time of day.
The Royal Oak, Soi 33/1, 02-662-1652