With all these ads about fast foods and the potentially alarming health issues facing people regarding the vast consumption of these, the simple sandwich is something that should be revisited at as it is a healthy and tasty way to eat for all the family. When it comes to food, the sandwich is king!

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In the current climate, any saving is good, and that wonderful dinner you had last night can be re-lived at lunch time when you eat your sandwiches. There are an assortment of sandwich breads, filling and condiments that you can use in a sandwich to make it interesting and even make the same sandwich taste different by making small alterations.

In my experience, I have found that even a simple chicken curry can be used as a great sandwich filling with the addition of a bit of salad, which makes a wonderful, tasty sandwich and will make your colleagues cringe with envy as you consume your orgasmic sandwich!

The cost of making sandwiches is also less that buying readymade sandwiches and you know that the ingredients going into them are fresh and healthy. I find that the ready made sandwiches in the supermarkets are mass produced and taste like cardboard. Its much better to invest a bit of time and money and make them at home.

All in all, the sandwich is a great tasting, versatile food which should be given more coverage, especially during the present times where time, cost, money and health are on the top of peoples agendas.

Here's to great tasting sandwiches!