Have you ever wondered why you can never get the steaks to taste the same as your friends even though you have the same recipe and everything else as her? The trick is in the beef itself. Your smart friend is probably using aged beef while you are going for the fresh ones.

It is true that fresher the produce, the better the taste. But in case of beef you might have to side step a bit and go for the aged ones to get the melt-in-the-mouth meat that is served to you in the restaurants. Even though you might think that this is simply a better of calling it old meat and that letting it rest in the freezer for a few days would do the trick, it is not so. You have to buy the aged beef, unless you know how to age it.

There are two kinds of ageing--- dry and wet. The original method of aging meat was dry aging which was used until wet aging become popular in the 1980s. The objective of both the methods is the same, to tenderize the meat and make it more flavorful.

For dry aging the meat, it is hung in a temperature controlled environment and is closely observed. The temperature should be between freezing and about 36°F. If it gets too hot then the meat will be spoiled and if it is too cold then it will freeze and thereby the aging process will stop. Again the humidity has to be about 85% to stop any loss of moisture from the meat. Besides, lack of air supply will encourage the growth of bacteria. Therefore, the place has to be well-ventilated. An experienced butcher should supervise the process to understand at what point that meat has aged properly. The intricate process and high labor that is included in the process increases the price of the meat.

An easier and do-it-yourself process is wet aging. All you have to do is refrigerate the meat in the vacuum pack that it is delivered in from the butcher. The juices of the meat in which it is stored help it to become tender. But the flavor that you get from dry aging won't be achieved wince there is no loss of moisture.

If you are unwilling to go through either of the processes, then you can buy aged steaks online and surprise your friend at the next barbeque party you organize.

Paul Slater, being a devoted beef lover likes to research about the food he loves. Aged meat is something that is sure to yield good results every time. In order to avoid the hassles you can buy aged steaks online .