There are very few Lebanese restaurants in Bangkok and there are even fewer that offer truly authentic food from this part of the culinary world. Nadimos is one place where you can be sure of the culinary credentials of the food since their chefs come straight from Lebanon and use the ingredients they grew up with and learned to cook with over the years.
On a recent visit we sampled some of the best that Nadimos has to offer and experienced first-hand both the great flavors that can be created using these Middle  Eastern ingredients as well as realizing how healthy  this food can be as well.
Thai food is often touted as being healthy and Lebanese food can also claim this virtue as so many of the ingredients are simple and flavorful. Items such as olive oil, chick peas, and yoghurt give many of the dishes here a very healthy underpinning and, combined with the proper use of this regions’s spices, produce delicious dishes that are also good for you, something that isn’t easy to do.
The chefs here are capable of it, however, and the dishes we sampled on a recent visit included some of the classics of Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine such as baba ganoush — a delicious eggplant-based dish — hummus, made from chick peas, tahini and sesame oil, falafel, a vegetarian mixture fried into tasty little cakes and a number of others. We particularly enjoyed the mixed puff dish which included cheese, chicken and spinach puffs as well as the shawarma chicken and lamb which are the delicious-looking meats you see sometimes oat street vendor stalls that are roasted on vertical spits. These are very juicy and flavorful.
Nadimos also has a special Sunday brunch barbecue buffet with free flow draft beer for 550 baht every Sunday that is a great value.
If it’s authentic flavors of the Middle East you want then you’re almost certainly going to enjoy any of the many dishes at Nadimos. 
Nadimos, Soi 24, 02-261-9816