There has emerged in recent years here in Sukhumvit a whole new genre of eating establishments — pubs and sports bar-type places that also put a lot of time and effort into creating some really good food. These places typically have a lot more on the menu than traditional pub food or American-style sports bar fare and also offer good selections of Thai food as well.
One of these places is The Sportsman on Soi 13. This newly-relocated place is more of a pool hall than anything else but there’s also a bar/dining area and it’s here where you can get some very good food. You can also get a good variety of food as the menu is quite large with plenty of Thai food as well, which according to owner Paul Hatch is a big seller.
Anyway, at almost 100 items the menu contains something for everyone and the dishes pictured here are an illustration of that as the photo to the right displays the Tex-Mex fajitas on offer, the one on the bottom left shows the Philly cheese steak sandwich and the other one is of the beer-battered fish and chips. So two dishes from the U.S. and one from the U.K. to start and there are a lot more from both countries as well as the 36 Thai dishes available.
Quantity is not the same as quality, however, but that’s not a problem here, at least not with the dishes we’ve had here. We must say honestly that the Philly cheese steak is the best we’ve had in Thailand. The steak is in small bite-sized strips, the cheese is plentiful and tasty and the baguette it’s served in is just crusty enough to stand up to all the melted cheese. It’s really a well put together dish.
And the fajitas are also quite good with tender chicken and a mix of onions and peppers that are quick-fried and juicy. The condiments are all included from sour cream to salsa and cheese. It’s a filling dish and a very good seller here just like the cheese steak.
The rest of the menu contains everything from Italian sausages to burgers to wrap sandwiches and  traditional British meat pies. There’s also a Sunday roast for the very low price of 195 baht which is going to be our next meal to try here. The Sportsman is certainly a good example of the foodie pub genre we have here in Sukhumvit. 
The Sportsman, Soi 13, 02-168-7241