The Westin Grande Hotel’s Taste restaurant is offering diners a wide range of dishes now with its Sunday brunch buffet, incorporating its Japanes restaurant Kisso into the mix as well as offering a wide range of desserts.
The menu at Taste is an eclectic mix of international and Thai food that is aimed at people looking for a good range of dishes from a variety of cuisines and cooking styles. There’s everything here from a pasta bar (at right) to the occasional Indian dish and, of course, the aforementioned Japanese delicacies.
A good place to start here is the cold appetizer station with its many salads and seafood items including lobster, shrimp and imported mussels. A freshly prepared Caesar salad was on offer as well as a large range of ingredients for making your own. And it also included a good cheese board which we used to end the meal as it included our favorite type of cheese, brie, which was just the right consistency along with Swiss and cheddar.
After you finish with the first course then the pasta bar and pizza selection beckon (at least it did for the kids) along with some Thai soup and noodle dishes. Or you can go directly to the hot entrees which include a carvery item which on the day of our visit was a roast of beef. We also tried some fresh cooked meats as we had a chef grill us some beef medallions and lamb chops.
We also tried the duck as well as the braised beef which was almost a beef stew with  gravy and carrots. And a waiter brought us a portion of sauteed foie gras which was quite tasty, as well as unexpected. 
There was a little Japanese on our menu also as we tried some of the tempura which included vegetables and shrimp. If you want more Japanese you can pick from a good selection of both sushi and sashimi (see right). And the dessert selection is also good although we opted only for some raspberry sherbet which tasted freshly made (we’re not sure if it was or not) although there is a much larger selection available. However, having tried as many of the savory selections as we could there wasn’t much room left for dessert, an oversight we’ll have to correct on our next visit.
Taste, Westin Grande, 02-207-8000