Kids may drag their feet when asked to help with dinner inside but it's a whole new ballgame when "helping" means they get to work side-by-side with mom or dad on the grill! Follow these tips and suggestions and soon you'll have your own "mini-me" grill master standing eagerly beside you.

Set age appropriate tasks. Younger kids can assist with tasks like brushing marinades onto meats or helping to assemble kabobs. Older kids can actually work the grill, with your supervision.

Safety first. Before allowing kids to grill, run them through a basic tutorial including how to turn the grill on and off, what parts of the grill get hot (important) and the importance of washing their hands before and after touching raw meat. Also, make it clear the grill area is a no-play zone.

Let your kids select the food. Kids will have more fun cooking a food or recipe they've personally selected. If you're truly adventurous, let your child concoct his or her own recipe. So what if cinnamon-marshmallow-chicken isn't your thing? The fun and memories you create will last a lifetime.

Keep flavors simple. Starting out, keep flavors simple. SABERĀ® grills offer up delicious flavors even without salts, seasonings and marinades, so don't be afraid to put plain chicken on the grill and let it be.

Make kid-sized bites. Little hands like little foods - think sliders and kabobs. Plus, smaller foods cook faster to accommodate short attention spans.

Get creative. Challenge your kids to take one food (pineapple, for example) and come up with three different ways to prepare it. Make a deal that everyone in the family tastes everyone else's creation with prizes for everything from "best tasting" to "most inventive."

Not many people know more about grilling than Rob Schwing. The GM at SABER Grills and the author of Casual Living's "Ask The Grill Guy" column, Rob possesses a lifelong passion for good food, good company and upscale outdoor living. Weekends find Rob doing what he loves most-- surprising people with all that can be accomplished when cooking outside.

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