There are two kinds of skewers available.

Wooden skewers are usually made of bamboo and are inexpensive. They are made in a number of sizes to hold different kinds of food. Because they are wood and can burn while the food is cooking, they need to be soaked in water for about thirty minutes before using them. For a gourmet touch they can be soaked in wine or juice. If you do a lot of grilling, soak a whole package of skewers at once and seal them in a bag. They can then be put into the freezer to use later.

Metal skewers are more expensive than wooden ones, but their advantage is that they can be put away and be used for a long time. They are sold in a number of thicknesses - thick ones for heavy foods and thin ones for light foods. It's best to use those that are square or twisted because they hold the food better.

Before loading the skewers, spray them with a cooking spray so the food won't stick when it's time to take it off. You can also spray the grill to make for an easier cleanup when you are finished eating.

Cut the foods into one or two inch cubes. Cut extra fat from meats, but leave the skins on vegetables. Otherwise some of the vegetables could get soft and make a mess on the grill. When you are ready to put the foods on the skewers, put the pieces so they are touching each other when using wooden skewers so they don't burn between the foods. If you use metal skewers the food can be placed further apart.

There are times when foods may fall off while cooking. To help prevent this, use two skewers side by side to stabilize the food.

Rotating the skewers will make sure that the foods cook evenly, and if you use two skewers it will keep the food from spinning around when you rotate it.

You'll probably have foods that need different cooking times. If you put them on the same skewer they won't cook evenly. Instead put them on their own skewer and plan their cooking times so they can be taken off the grill at the same time. Be sure to use a mitt when handling the skewers because they will get very hot.

When everything is done to perfection, put it all on a platter and enjoy!

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