Admittedly, grass-fed beef differs a whole lot when compared with grains-fed beef. The taste, the texture, and the amount of fast is vastly different that a person trying out grass-fed beef for the first time might have a hard time registering that he is eating grass-fed beef. But many people do enjoy grass-fed beef. As many have pointed out, grass-fed beef is the true beef.

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On that note, grass-fed beef are cooked differently due to the fact that they have different fat content than their commercially-raised counterparts. But still, they are so delicious and nourishing that cooking it is worth the effort. However, you might want to know how to cook grass-fed beef right.

When it comes to cooking tough grass-fed beef, overcooking is a common occurrence. Tough grass-fed beef is at its best when cooked rare to medium rare. However, if you want your beef well-cooked, you can do so at very low temperatures in a sauce to add moisture.

You must understand that grass-fed beef has low fat content compared to commercially-raised beef. When you cook your beef, it is best that you coat it in olive oil, truffle oil or light oil to enhance its flavor. The oil will also prevent your beef from drying and sticking.

When you are planning to prepare a grass-fed beef meal, pick a recipe that doesn't cover the subtle tang of grass fed beef but adds to the moisture content. In fact, marinating your beef with a combination of lemon, vinegar, wine, beer or bourbon greatly enhances its flavor and keeps the moisture content high. However, if you do not have the time to marinate your grass-fed beef, then a quick rub of herbs and spices will do.

Another thing to remember when cooking grass-fed beef is that you should never ever flatten it unless the recipe instructs you to do so. If you need to apply some pound into it, a kitchen mallet or a rolling pin will do.

Cooking your grass-fed beef over the grill can be pretty risky and the end result may not as be as rewarding as you think. When you want to make steaks out of your grass-fed beef, then do it using the stove-top cooking technique. See, it’s hard to control the temperature when you cook your beef using the grill. A hold on the temperature will allow you to really perfect your grass-fed beef steak.

Grass-fed beef cooks 30% faster than the usual beef. This is due to the fact that grass-fed beef has more protein content and low fat levels. In fact, grass-fed beef will continue to cook 8-10 minutes after being removed from the heat. On that note, it is best that you have to have a thermometer handy to check the heat of your beef.

One more thing, never use forks to turn your beef. Always use tongs.