When Tony Roma started his first ribs restaurant in Miami, Florida in 1972 he couldn’t have imagined that 41 years later people from around the world would be enjoying his food. Especially so many people since there are now over 150 Tony Roma’s worldwide and two here in Bangkok — one at Siam Paragon and one at Terminal 21 where we recently sampled some of the dishes offered on their large menu.
It’s not just about ribs anymore either at Roma’s as there are also many other American-style dishes that have proven to be very popular over the years. There are a number of rib styles available, however, and the ribs remain the backbone, so to speak, of the menu.
You can also get great sandwiches too, like the sirloin sandwich below and the pulled pork sliders to the right that we tried. One thing about Tony Roma’s to be aswar eof also is that you had better bring your appetite because the portions are not small and the food is not designed for people on diets.
It’s satisfying, old fashioned American comfort food and when that’s what you’re looking for then it’s hard to beat this place.
The sampler plate below right is a good way to get introduced to Tony Roma’s as you get chicken wings with their signature spicy barbecue sauce, their spinach-artichoke dip with nacho chips and a half loaf of their famous onion rings, which are probably some of the best in the world.
You’ll also find chicken on the menu and a good selection of steaks and burgers. And there are also some sesafood and shrimp classic style dishes for those who prefer to avoid red meat.
However, the meat here is the real star and with the kind of selection availalble it’s easy to find something that you’ll really like. We usually prefer the ribs but the ribeye, tenderloin and New York Strip steak are all favorites too.
Tony Roma may not have envisioned the success his food would enjoy around the world but many happy patrons are glad he opened all those years ago.
Tony Roma’s, Terminal 21, 02-610-9311