There is nothing better than sinking your teeth into a deliciously flavoured, tender piece of meat. One of the best ways to achieve this taste sensation is by using a succulent marinade. You can use any one of these top marinade recipes for your next braai.

Having a braai or barbeque is a fantastic way in which to bring together close family and friends. It is also a time for you to test out some of you braai marinade recipes on your guests. You can give their taste buds an adventure of a lifetime by using these ideas:

  • Boozey beef. Why not give that piece of rump an extra 'kick'? Marinade the beef in your favourite beer and complimentary spices! Some beers are sweeter than others, which is why it will be necessary to taste the beer before adding it to your rump. That's just a bonus!

  • Cheeky chicken. We all love delving into a sweet and sticky chicken wing, so why not put your own twist on it? Instead of making a basic barbeque sauce, why not try a fruitier flavor? Apricot is a wonderful addition to your normal chicken wing marinade. Just remember that you will need to balance the sweetness. You can do this by using either salt or spice.

  • Fantastic fish. There is something so delicious about cooking a fish on the braai. Not only does it make a statement, but it is a fabulous way to feed all of your guests with only one form of protein. A fish braai should make use of Asian influences. Fish often needs a boost from other ingredients in order for it to make its natural flavour stand out. Consider a marinade that uses garlic, ginger, chili and cumin to truly bring out the Asian inspired tastes.

  • Perfect pregos. A prego is a quick and easy way to satisfy your guests. You can either serve it as the main dish, or make little prego sliders for snacks. The prego marinade should transport your guests to Portugal. Make sure to use onions, red peppers, lots of garlic, white wine and paprika to bring out those unique Portuguese flavours.

There are so many marinade ideas out there and, as a result, you will be truly spoiled for choice when it comes to braai recipes. A good tip to remember when making a marinade is to not be too adventurous. Remember what flavours complement the protein that you want to marinade. There is a reason that the classics are still favoured over weird and wonderful creations. Marinades also do need to time to release all of the flavours, so if it is possible, you should marinade your protein over night or longer where necessary. You can have delicious food each and every time when you choose to make a marvelous marinade all of your own!

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