For those who love steak and enjoy preparing steak for dinner or occasional event, these are some steak pan types : 

Grilling Pan

One popular way to prepare a steak is grilling. Whether a professional grilling unit at a restaurant or a charcoal-powered grill in the backyard is used, many people seem to prefer the texture and flavor of a well-grilled steak. Grilling a steak involves a heat source such as hot charcoal briquettes or gas jets placed under a metal grating. 

Perfect Steak System

This is the perfect grilling pan to cook the steak because you do not have to add sme fat or oil. It's a healthy way to cook a steak. The pan include the timer that can tell us exactly how long the steak is cooked, rare, medium, or done. The set also include the Temperature Gauge.

Jamie Oliver Grill Pan

This is the 28×24 (approx 11″x 9″) cast aluminum grill pan has prometal non-stick interior/exteriors. Prometal is Tefal’s premium multi layer coating that is reinforced with ultra hard minerals making it metal utensil safe and super easy to clean.   

Calphalon One Nonstick 11 Grill Pan

This is the 11"x11"x2" heavy gauge aluminium construction grill pan. Nonstick layer with superior durability. Easy to clean and oven safe to 500 degrees F.

Calphalon CS Nonstick 13 Grill Pan

It's a 13" stainless steel grill pan that great for grilling sandwiches, steak, vegetables, etc.
Durable and nonstick coating. Dishwasher safe.

Double Sided BBQ Cooking Grill Pan

This grill pan is perfect to grill any kind of food from vegetable to steak. The dual sides ensure that your food will be cooked pefectly. The pan has an ergonomic handle and easy to use.

Scanpan Professional Grill Pan

This grill pan has 10.25-inch/26 cm square cooking surface, 19 inches/49 cm long with handle. A heavy duty pressure cast aluminium base, titanium ceramic nonstick surface with stainless steel handle. Lifetime waranty

Frying Pan

The fastest way to cook steak is to fry it.Usually a steak is placed in the frying pan with small amount of oil or fat. 
Some frying pan styles :

Tescoma Steak-frying pan PREMIUM

A solid cast frying pan with a grilling surface excellent for the preparation of steaks, fish, skewer, etc.
Excellent non-stick coating Teflon Classic™ against overcooking
A specially ground bottom for perfect contact with the cooking surface
Suitable for gas, electric and vitro-ceramic cookers