The widespread proliferation of Italian restaurants that has happened over the years in Bangkok it has made it increasingly difficult to keep up with who is doing what and where the best Italian food is being served. One factor that is important in determining where to eat is where can you get something that is different from somewhere else. 
Ugolini, on Soi Langsuan, is a place that is trying to keep its menu fresh and unique by offering dishes that are just a little different than many other Italian eateries and in some cases are completely off the beaten path.
The dish to the left, for example is a smoked swordfish and tuna combination that has a light vinaigrette along with some salty ricotta cheese and fish roe topping it. This was a completely new combination for us and the flavors were complementary and stimulating, resulting in a memorable dish which is something that every restaurant should strive to create. 
The dish to the right is a carbonara made without cream, as the chef told us it was really made in some parts of Italy. It was amazing how much more flavor from the bacon and eggs came through when it wasn’t covered up by the cream that always accompanies this dish in other places.
And the dish below left is a simple risotto with black truffle but the parmesan shell that it is served in is a treat that is hard to  stop eating on its own. When eaten along with the rice it gives it a bit of tang and saltiness that adds a new dimension to the flavor.
These are only a few examples of the approach that Ugolini takes with its food but the large menu here contains many other dishes in the same vein and that are well worth exploring.  This bright, contemporary looking restaurant that has a subtle elegance to it also has a menu that takes diners to places they may not have been before and that’s worth a visit in itself.
Ugolini, Soi Langsuan , 02-252-8108