Sukhumvit now has its first (as far as we know) vegan restaurant. It’s called May Veggie Home and its located on what is technically called New Ratchadapisek Road about 50 meters from the corner of Sukhumvit Road across the street from Exchange Tower.
It’s a bright and airy space and it matches the demeanor of the two sisters, May and Tak, who are managing the place. May is the chef and Tak is in the front of the house. May cooks almost everything on the menu herself which is completely vegan. This means that no animal products are used at all including eggs or any dairy products either.
They both have a real enthusiasm for what they are doing and have actually just moved from another location that was in Thonglor, opening in the present building just  a couple of months ago.
We tried several dishes including a vegetarian fish fillet, a veggie burger and a piece of cake for dessert and all of these dishes were flavorful and interesting — not what most people would expect. The flavors are different than what we’re used to eating as meateaters so it’s a bit to get used to but it’s certainly a healthier way to eat and a good way to keep weight off.
All vegans in the area now have a place to call home and May and Tak are happy to welcome you. 
May Veggie Home, New Ratchadapisek Road, 02-