It seems everyone likes fried chicken. All over the world, you will find recipes that combine this succulent mild meat with frying. From American fried chicken to the tasty nuggets you can find in Asia, frying chicken is something that is universal. One of the latest recipes for fried chicken to become popular in the US is Korean fried chicken. They cook their chicken in small pieces with a light, delicate batter. When fully cooked, the chicken is lightly coated with sauce. While it takes some practice to prepare this recipe properly, once you have tasted it you will be amazed. To compensate for the large chickens here in America, cut up some boneless chicken or use wings when you make this delectable treat. Japanese and Chinese chicken are cooked in a similar manner, but they use different herbs and spices. Both cuisines use more boneless chicken than whole pieces. For a Chinese flavor, five-spice powder adds a distinctive taste, but if you prefer Japanese, you may want to add sake, ginger, or wasabi. The tender nuggets of chicken with the crispy crust can be served plain or with a sauce. Lemon chicken, orange chicken, and almond chicken all use a base of breaded fried chicken. Fried chicken in India is made by rubbing spices like turmeric, fennel and mustard seeds, black pepper and udad dal into the chicken and letting it marinate. Then each piece is dipped in egg white, rolled in breadcrumbs, and fried in hot oil until crisp and golden. As you can see, many people around the world prefer their chicken fried! By merely changing the spices or the marinade, or deboning the chicken, you can come up with a variety of recipes to try. If you like South American cuisine, look for recipes that contain limejuice, hot sauce, garlic and corn meal or flour. If your tastes run more toward Italy, try adding oregano, chili powder, onion powder, garlic, dry mustard and crushed red pepper. Salt to taste and cook in olive oil. Other ways to make this dish different include varying your cooking method. Try oven frying if you are looking for a method that is lower in fat. You can still get that crunchy, flavorful chicken in the oven. Be sure to marinate your skinless chicken for several hours in buttermilk to maintain the juiciness of the chicken. A coating of flour and seasonings will provide the crunch and help seal in the flavor. You will be happily surprised with a low fat chicken dish that is as good cold as it was on the dinner table the night before. The old fashioned, tried and true method using oil in a cast iron skillet still produces an excellent chicken. The simplest breading of flour, salt, and pepper can become a gourmet meal. Cast iron heats evenly, providing a wonderful crisp crust while keeping the chicken juicy. It also cooks the meat thoroughly. Generations of cooks used this method before deep-frying became popular and many purest still insist on using their cast iron pan. Everybody loves the taste of fried chicken and home cooked fried chicken is especially good. If you want to discover pan-fried chicken, deep-fried chicken or oven fried chicken recipes, in addition to finding some more brilliant chicken cookery tips, have a look at - See more at: Published at: