There is a great versatility in the South African cuisine and thus there are many people all over the world who prefer this cuisine. However for a real taste of South African food you have to eat the most popular meal which is meat grilled on an open fire. You will find this traditional barbecue very sumptuous with several side dishes that are served in a heavenly manner. These other dishes include "pap" with the tomato and onion relish, salads, assortment of breads and a choice of other side-dishes. Since the customary technique of cooking meat is indigenous to South African food you will feel contented after an authentic meal.

South African Cuisine- Multicultural And Multi Hued Savouries
African food
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Among the South African food recipes and cuisine the most popular throughout the country is known as a type of stew often called as "potjiekos" in Afrikaans which is cooked over an open fire in a cast iron tripod-pot. If you love vegetables, and meat then this is the ideal food for you because the chefs serve meat and an assortment of vegetables such as patty-pan, carrots, potatoes, classically stewed.

However if you are thinking about having a traditional South African food then be ready for some surprise as they include Sweet "Koeksisters" which forms an integral part of the South African Cuisine. Then there is "Melktert" which is a custard mixture poured into a tart crust and sprinkled with cinnamon. It is very popular dish among people having a sweet tooth.

Dishes are prepared after taking into consideration the atmosphere and natural ingredients available. You will find elaborately prepared recipe "Biltong" which is uncooked beef processed with a number of spices and salt and hung in an aerated room to dry. It is one of the specialties of South African food. In South Africa the "Vetkoek" is bread dough fried in deep oil and is served with a sweet filling or a savoury mince. Mostly the customary meals are habitually served with locally produced wine. It depends on the occasion as meals can differ from simple to most elegant multi course meals that served on fresh, crisp white or African imprinted linen.

You will be glad to savour the food outdoors as the country is blessed with the favourable climate that makes eating meals outdoors a privilege. Kenya cuisine consists of Githeri, Ugali and Chapati. Nigerian cuisine is heavily based around the use of grains with millet, sorghum, barley and cassava flours being staples.