There are many recipes on the Internet that call for unsalted butter. But many more call for salted butter. So what's the difference?

Both butters are Grade AA. The only difference is that salted butter has salt added, and unsalted butter doesn't. That's the whole story! The argument centers around the question, How much salt is too little or too much? Different food experts have different ideas.

There are three reasons why food purists use unsalted butter:

1. They have better control over how much their foods are seasoned, since it's hard to tell how much salt is in butter. It varies from one brand to another.

2. The taste is more sweet and mellow. This is especially true in some baked goods when the natural sweet taste of the butter is important (like in pound cake) without a salty taste.

3. It doesn't have salt as a preservative and so it's fresher when you buy it.

There are also reasons why some cooks don't want to use unsalted butter:

1. The added seasoning makes foods taste better, such as toast, baked potato, on top of vegetables, corn on the cob, and buttery chocolate chip cookies.

2. Salted butter is all-purpose.

3. Many food experts have come to the conclusion that when a recipe doesn't state a specific kind. then either one can be used. There isn't enough difference to matter.

4. They don't want to keep two kinds of butter on hand.

Usually a recipe calling for unsalted butter includes salt in the recipe. The thought is that you are able to add however much you want to suit your taste buds. (Although it calls for a set amount.) If you substitute salted for unsalted, cut the amount of salt in the recipe in half, or leave it out entirely.

All of this gets very confusing. Since you don't know how much salt is in the butter, you don't know for sure how to make adjustments. If you are the kind of cook that just likes to follow a recipe, you'll probably get the best results by just following the recipe!

It's easy and not too hard on the budget to keep both kinds of butter on hand. Wrap the one you use less often and keep it in the freezer. Take out just as much as you need for a recipe. It will keep for several months and always be fresh. Then you'll always have whichever butter you need!

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