Something that was very common for me when growing up was my mom boiling a large, left-over bone from an animal. From this she would make a broth, and at the time I just thought that it was a cheap way to make soup. Little did I know that inexpensive, easy to produce broth has extensive health properties. Easy because although it takes between 24 and 72 hours to simmer the bone to extract those nutrients, there is really nothing else that has to be done.

But as for the health benefits, that was really the little-known secret. There is one rather important caveat, however, and that is the bone that is used for this broth is of the highest quality. When I was younger that really wasn't much of an issue, as especially in the Midwest the cattle on the farm were not far away from the dinner table. Now of course we have to concern ourselves with how the cattle are raised, as because obviously the nutrients that go into growing that bone are the same ones that we are extracting in our broth.

Today we must be more aware of where the animals have been raised. Whether it's chicken or beef, you should know that the animals were organically raised, and in the case of beef they were grass-fed animals. It has been noted that chickens, for example that were raised in concentrated feeding operations tend to produce stock that does not gel, which is important for its therapeutic properties.

And just why is this easy-to-make food so healthy? Bone broth is easy to digest and has been found to heal the lining of the intestines. In fact it contains valuable nutrients that are important healers for your entire body. But leaky gut syndrome has become a larger issue with people as we consume diets of processed foods that aren't easy for the body to digest. Any lesions in the guts can allow partially undigested food, bacteria and other toxins to pass from the intestines into the bloodstream. This can obviously lead to an array of health problems.

Leaky gut leads to many autoimmune disorders and allergies. Bone broth soup has been known to heal leaks in the intestines. The gelatin attracts and holds liquids, which include digestive juices, and this leads to proper digestion. In fact, it had been published years ago that chicken soup does have medicinal qualities which significantly fight infection.

Bone broth has other health qualities, as well. It reduces joint pain and inflammation, and this is due to glucosamine and other compounds extracted from the cartilage. It helps promote strong healthy bones because of the calcium and magnesium that play important roles in healthy bone formation. It can also make you look better by promoting healthy hair and nails. Finally, the glycine in bone broth is known to have a calming effect on the system, allowing you better sleep.

Often the old remedies are still the best ones. If you've been around as long as I have you perhaps remember some of the things that we took for our health, but we had no understanding what they were designed to fix. Somehow back then people just knew of many things that worked.

We should always try to add  foods that are fat burners  to our diet that we are not familiar with. Many of these foods may turn out to be your favorites, such as  healthy soup. Rich Carroll is a health enthusiast and writer living in Chicago.

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