Wine Digest is an interesting looking place and a place where the marriage of food and wine is the priority of the owner, Khun Anusorn. He has another company, Texica, that is a wine importer and distributor so his knowledge of, and interest in, wine is quite extensive.
It shows in this restaurant as the pairing of wines with the different dishes we sampled here was right on the spot. Also, the use of wine in the cooking of at least one of the dishes was a pleasant surprise. This was the Amarone risotto (below right) which we had a hard time staying away from even though we’re generally not big fans of rice dishes. However, the heavy, rich flavor of this dish made with the Amarone wine as its chief source of flavor was a delicious concoction and there may have been other dishes that also used wine although we’re not sure.
Although the food is mostly Italian there are also some other influences here as well with some Hokkaido scallops in the appetizer section along with onion soup, duck breast salad (upper left) and even a Thai dish, the grilled pork with tamarind (below left).
There are also plenty of pasta dishes and a good selection of main course items including a couple of steaks.
Go to Wine Digest for an interesting meal and the chance to eat food and drink wines that are meant to go with each other.
Wine Digest, Soi 39, 086-929-0444