When it comes to a great wing sauce recipe most people prefer the original which consists of their favorite hot sauce mixed together in a pan with melted butter.

The ratio is usually something like 1/2 cup of your favorite store bought like Franks red hot to 1/3 cup butter or margarine, depending on how hot you like it, you can adjust how much red hot you put in verse butter. 

The truth is their are so many things you can do to make an incredible flavor that are so simple yet most people don't even think about them.

An example of a great wing sauce recipe with garlic, basically add your favorite base, butter or margarine and minced or cloved garlic. Heat in a small pan to a slight rolling boil, stirring frequently for about 2 minutes and then cover and let stand for about 1/2 hour to let the flavors combine. You can also add a little corn starch to give it a thicker consistency. ( a lot of restaurants will do this) 

Here is a list of some other wing sauce ideas that can make a great recipe for you:

Parmesan garlic, a creamy blend of roasted garlic and Parmesan cheese with Italian spices.

Teriyaki, a blend of soy and pineapple juice.

BBQ, traditional BBQ flavor.

Hot wing, traditional flavor light on the butter.

Mild, traditional with corn starch and butter.

Suicide,  a mixture of hot, BBQ, garlic and spices.

Medium with garlic, traditional wing sauce recipe with a hint of garlic.

Asian zing, an intense blend of ginger and soy  meets sweet heat.

Chipotle, a blend of sweet and hot BBQ.

Spicy garlic buffalo, a blend of hot, butter and garlic.

Honey BBQ, sweet BBQ blended with just the right touch of honey.

Mango habanero, a blend of sweet mango and habanero peppers.

Blazing fire, Hot Hot Hot made with Franks extra hot, peppers and paprika.

Cajun recipe, a blend of blackened and Cajun spices.

Mesquite, a spicy blend of mesquite barbecue and black pepper with a wood smoked flavor.

Caribbean jerk, an exotic blend of red peppers and spices meets the island, intense flavor.

These are just a few ideas you can experiment with, make your own or buy them pre made. A great wing sauce recipe I have not been able to find anywhere, online or store bought is a favorite at fancy restaurants that serve a not so formal lunch crowd, it consists of a blend of garlic, Worcestershire, Franks red hot, butter or margarine and the secret ingredient brown sugar. This has a hot garlic flavor with just a splash of sweetness to it, every one I know that has tried this absolutely loves it. Simply take a small pan, add your red hot, butter, garlic, Worcestershire, and brown sugar, heat to a mild rolling boil stirring frequently for about 2 minutes, turn off stove and let stand about 45 minutes. Now you are ready to dip chicken quarters or pour over boneless chicken. 

In all of my wing sauce recipes I usually use the standard Franks as a base, because I love it and you can put it on everything including ice cream, red hot and ice cream, hey some people love it and and have no limits. Recently I have stumbled on to a website that sells so many kinds of hot sauce, so many, you could go crazy. I admit I find myself buying all kinds and replacing the Franks red hot with a different base and it is amazing the different flavors I have come up with, It is hard to pick my favorite.

A few crazy flavors and brands are, 7up marinade, Dr pepper marinade, Boss hog, Hank Williams Jr, Choke your chicken (it even comes with a free rubber chicken key chain.) even the famous Anchor room, If you love buffalo wings and mixing it up you will be like a kid in a candy store. Oh by the way their is even a Barack Obama wing sauce, put that into your recipe, a Presidential treat. 

Here are a few other recommendations buffalo chicken dip, buffalo chicken pizza, boneless wings and spicy chicken salad, Enjoy!   

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