We’ve eaten in many Chinese restaurants over the years and quite honestly have rarely found one that did anything different than what every other Chinese restaurant in town does: serve boring Cantonese-style food. That means shark fin soup (like eating rubber) bird’s nest, abalone, drunken chicken, etc. It’s mostly a bunch of crap. 
That’s why Xing Fu, the Chinese restaurant in the Bangkok Lotus Hotel on Soi 33 is such a pleasure to visit. Their menu is so different from most of the Chinese places in Bangkok. They do offer dim sum but we avoided that on our visit and instead opted for the much more interesting Szechuan and Chinese-Indian dishes on the menu.
The Szechuan dishes are not as spicy as some we’ve had before although the potato dish you see above left (which actually came from the Chinese-Indian menu) did bring some serious heat, but the flavors were very pronounced and very satisfying. 
The crispy potato with chili garlic dish in the photo above is actually made with french fries but it is so tasty it’s hard to stop eating. The other dishes you see here were also very good. The deep-fried snowfish at bottom left, the stir-fried fish in black pepper sauce above and the prawns with garlic and chili below are all delicious and all so different than the usual Chinese restaurant offerings.
There is a separate menu for the Indian-Chinese dishes and, while not large, it is filled with interesting dishes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.
If you want to try some unique food, for Bangkok at least, then check out what this eclectic eatery has been offering diners for at least 17 very successful years.
Xing Fu, Bangkok Lotus, Soi 33,